Refund Policy

Refund Policy

1. The Customer have the right to request cancellation within 14 days after the product purchase, provided that:

 1) He or she completes a form of application for returning goods , and deeper network shall examine and approve it within three business days.
 2) All the products are returned to deeper network, it being necessary to include all products, and meanwhile, he or she shall be solely responsible for the mailing costs.
 3) After deeper network receives all the products and verifies them to be up to standards, the funds shall be repaid according to the original method of payment within 15 business days.

2. The transportation company shall be responsible for any damage that occurs after it starts taking care of the goods. Upon receipt of damaged goods the member shall take the following steps:
Receiving the goods;
Recording the quantity of apparently damaged boxes on the delivery receipt before the driver leaves;
Keeping damaged products and their containers for the shipping agent to examine them;
Examining the damaged goods together with the transportation company by appointment;
Lodging a claim with the transportation company and notifying the customer service department of deeper network.

4. All members or customers need to bear the shipping costs on their own for exchanging and returning goods unless the need for exchanging or returning goods is due to deeper network’s mistake in delivery, in which case deeper network shall bear all shipping costs.

5. The form and any questions, please send to [email protected]